Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lecture 10

  • Delegation within the class definition
    • code is sometimes used over and over within the methods of a class
    • constructors =>implement the constructor that takes all possible arguements and call that constructor from the other constructors.
  • why do this?
    • saves you time
    • making changes is much easier, and less error prore(eg. you might miss a change.)
  • Constructor Fields(final keyword)
    • best practice to use a variable to store any constants used by your program
    • want these values to be protected from change
  • public final int CONSTANTS = s;
    • constant is initially given the value s
    • no entity in the program is allowed to alter constant
    • final entities must be initialized on the same line that they are declared
    • stylistically, final variables are always written in all caps.
  • why use constants?

private int x
private final int MAX = 500;
if (x > MAX - x ) { }
    • -there are other uses of final
  • method class
    • inheritance
  • variable
    • constant
  • The constant feature only works with primitives
  • if you declare an object final, that object does not magically become immutable
  • Preconditions and postconditions as the system programmer, you have a contractual relationship with the application programmer.
  • AP calls your methods satisfying conditions which you specify
  • eg. amount >= 0 indeposit(), withdrawal
  • Postcondition:
    • In return, you agree that the method output satisfies given conditions
    • Example: getbalance() returns the correct balance
    • Preconditions dont need to be checked
    • postcondition should be checked during debugging
    • assert checking to ensure postconditions be satisfied
    • pre and postconditions must be specified in javadoc


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hey guys sorry about this question, but I joined the course recently and I'm in "Section N: Gordon Turpin class" I was wondering if we use the same site "" for both sections or not and do we follow the same lab test dates?

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yeah its the same for both sections