Monday, January 29, 2007

LabTest 1 Impressions

Here you can post how you felt the test went, give pointers to those who haven't taken it and so on.

  • We asked Andrew about test specifications
    • he said 'In the book, so far we have done chapters 3 and 9, and a little bit of chapter 13.'
    • he also said the best way to study for it is lecture notes, as there is material he skipped that we shouldn't have to be tested on
    • he said the Lab Tests will commonly be
      • editing sample code that doesn't work
      • make a class w/ a given API
      • make a class of your own that meets specs (similar to what we've done in lab1 / lab2

Off topic from the test...

how do you guys feel about the lab TA's?
I want Maan back, I can never really get much coherent help.. but if you guys know a good TA i should be talking to .. post their name on here for me.

  • Andrew posted this on his site about test:


K said...

definitely Maan !!

V- said...

i did the lab test today, heres what was tested on:

- copy constructor (deep copying)
- use Javadoc, and know how to document the class (ie. @param, @return)
- how to use toString() / equals()

Basically, if you did Lab1 and 2, you should be alright.

Hope that helps,


ben said...

maan the best TA in comp science courses i have taken so far

Anonymous said...

omg, did we have to write the equal() method in Radio and Presets classes? if so i think i forgot to override it, too bad!

Anonymous said...

Maan was an excellent TA!
Very knowledgeable and helpful. Its ashame the other TA's are not able to live up to his standards.