Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CSE2011 Lecture 8

Loop invariants

  • What is the loop invariant
    • In general it is an extremely difficult question to answer. It contains the essential difficulty in programming
    • Fundamentally it is the following
      • LI = totalWork = workToDo + workDone
    • Question a: does the loop terminate?
    • Question b: is the postcondition of OP true at loop end

Loop Design

  • Find the loop invariant
  • After consulting an oracle we have determined that the following is an appropriate loop invariant
    • This is the create part of programming
  • Question 1
    • Make the loop invariant true at the start
  • Question 2
    • Is the loop invariant still true after operation 2 is executed?
    • After operation2 show li first part is true
    • See effect of moving data from workToDo to workDone while maintaining the invariant

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