Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lecture 30

Sorting an array of strings
for strings you can't use < , >
there exists a method called compareTo() which returns an integer
String x;
String y;
returns a negative number if x < y
returns zero if x == y
returns a positive number if x > y
String implements the comparable interface
public interface Comparable
public int compareTo(Object in);
Any class that implements comparable is strongly suggested to do it as follows
1. Total Ordering
- if a.compareTo(b) == 0;
then b.compareTo(a) == 0; (reflexive)

- if a.compareTo(b) <= 0;
then b.compareTo(a) >= 0; (antisymmetric)

- if a.compareTo(b) <= 0 and b.compareTo(c) <= 0
then a.compareTo(c) <= 0 (transitive)

a.compareTo(b) is defined for all a,b (Total)

2. If you implement equals() then if a.compareTo(b) == 0;
then a.equals(b) == true
and vice versa

Searching a sorted list
Sorted list searching can be done recursively with the divide and conquer strategy

- split the list in half
- Let s represent the list item at the split point
if list has size > 1
if s = i, return index of s
if s > i, search the list segment with smaller values
if s < i, search the list segment with larger values
if list has size 1
if s = i, return index of s
otherwise i is not in the list
eg/ return -1


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