Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Finished Test 2 Impressions

Just wrote the test yesterday...
  • had to make an
    • abstract class
    • a child extended class from that class
    • an array which takes in args parameters and inputs them into the class
  • i found it to be somewhat simple
    • but the time we had i didn't feel was enough
    • and Andrew's API was quite unfinished
      • and seemed to have a typo in a method description in his API
    • being given a test that had to support an unfinished API
      • and had to start from scratch
    • was VERY difficult for me to get done
  • still felt the test was fair, for what it tested
  • but my advice to those who haven't written it
    • practice your speed
    • be sure of your coding practice



George said...

Hey Jake,
Thank you.

I have a question.
About this part of the exam

"an array which takes in args parameters and inputs them into the class"

Could you give an example and an explanation.

Thanks a lot.

Jake deVos said...

"an array which takes in args parameters and inputs them into the class"

what we had to do was make an abstract "sports TEAM" class which held records for wins/losses/team name. then make a HOCKEYTEAM class which was a child of the abstract but also compiled points (2 for win, 0 for loss, 1 for tie) and incorporated a tie game into itself. after that we had to make a class which allowed the user to pass args at the command line like

"java HockeyTeam w w l w"
and that would create a team which had 3 wins 1 loss, then output the points that team has

ricky said...

Hi Jake & George,

Could you guys give a bit more information on the 2nd labtest? I have a midterm today and did not prepare for it yet? Please help !!!

K said...
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K said...

the Thursdays lab test was way beyond peoples imagination. in another way, Turpin might think that was 'easy', but apparently it was not "easy" for us.

Jake deVos said...

That's no good, sorry to hear you guys are having trouble with the labtests...
what was thursdays test like?

ricky said...

The lab test was very hard and most of us don't have enough time to finish. It is about inheritance and arrays.

K said...

Jake you can visit my website
for the code

Anonymous said...

holy would turpin expect you to finish that in 1.5 hrs

K said...

I sit till the end, I just had enough time to finish it 5 minutes before the system shut down....... It was hard for me, and it is a fact that it was more difficult than the Andrews labtest2.